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Thanks to the support of the Visegrad Fund, the Green Elephant Foundation presents an online course for young entrepreneurs entitled ” First steps in business. A guide for the beginner social entrepreneur”.

The course consists of 12 films which deal with the topics necessary to introduce young, ambitious people to business.

The youth as the future innovators play a crucial role in the transformation of the rural economy. Youth unemployment is a challenge in our countries while at the same time, youth have the ability to revive European rural regions by creating innovative businesses which use the traditional rural resources (nature, tangible and intangible heritage) and satisfy the needs of the 21st century consumers. Employing this approach could bring a new life to rural areas and adapt to the new circumstances.

The project aims to increase the quality of youth work by exchanging best practises, methods and ideas regarding creative start-ups in rural areas – new businesses that are using the traditional intangible heritage of rural areas and social entrepreneurship.